Saturday, October 11, 2008

I am not a Country Bumpkin.

Despite what many of you may think since I moved to "Waynetown" Indiana/the middle of nowhere, I am not a country Bumpkin. I have tried to get into the farming way of life with gardening and digging trees with this painful contraption called, "the tree toad". I have tried to delight myself in the wonder of creation, so much so that I forget the future High fructose corn syrup fields surrounding me, or the smell of manure. It is beautiful, don't get me wrong. But my soul craves culture of another kind. Even just the simple international venues in Lafayette. I regularly see people from other cultures and am cultivating friendships with several of them. Even just the fact I can get sushi and Thai food there, instead of the local bar's special, "Rocky Mountain Oysters". I am pretty gutsy when it comes to trying new foods, but bulls testicles just don't even tempt me... call me crazy.

I enjoy the fresh fruits and veggies tremendously! I am very thankful for my parents willingness to take me in during this time of transition, but maybe it would be best just to visit. I knew the hardest part about the whole transition would be living here, w/ my family. I knew this.... and yet here I am, asking for it. God is preparing me for something unique and different. I wish He would hurry up and tell me. He is often not in the all fire hurry that I am. I want to learn so I can move on... literally! I feel like I have no purpose here. Ok, this has turned into a whining session. I'm sorry, I'm done.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Desert Full of Grain

Why are you hungry in a desert full of grain?
Why are you thirsty in the rain?
Be still and Know,
that I am God
Be still and Know,
that I am the Lord.
I will be exalted.
I will be high and lifted up.
No matter what you do,
no matter what you don't do,
I will be All, and that's all you need.

Your cup is running over,
your plate is piled high.
Look at my words and you will see
my fingers in your life.
Why are you hungry,
and why do you thirst?
Can't you see,
or are you blind?
Can't you hear, feel, and know,
know the truth?

Why are you hungry in a desert full of grain?
Why are you thirsty in the rain?
Be still!