Saturday, July 21, 2012

The good things about pregnancy

I feel inspired to write something. Maybe because I've been showered with love recently by so many people in the form of baby showers. Maybe it's simply because I have seen more answers to prayer in the last couple weeks then in the last few months. Maybe this is the last time I will start a sentence with "Maybe" and just say it's a combination of so many things. I am in the "time between times". Some of you may know that as "twilight" or "sunrise". The time right before a change form night to day or day to night. My favorite is twilight. And no it has nothing to do with cheesy vampires, so get that our of your head Twilight fans (yes, I said "cheesy"). It's generally a peaceful time of day where the sun shines through our sycamore tree on the west side of our property. It's gorgeous. But somehow, my heart is does not reflect this peace. My "time between times" is called... the last month of pregnancy. The last time I blogged I was in the exciting and energetic time called "the second trimester". It was fun. Now, I'm truly awaiting "night" or "day" to come. AKA: I'm ready for this pregancy to end. I'm over it. I'm terrified to be a mom, but it's coming... yikes!

 I have yet to write out our birth plan. I have yet to set up the nursery. We have yet to settle on a name for our son. I still need to make more meals to freeze. I have yet to clean every corner of my house so I can feel like I've accomplished my nesting freakish urges. I have had some migraines from stress. However time marches on. I will soon be a mom and no longer preggo. It's time to think positively and be thankful. Here we go.
The good things about pregnancy:
  1. people insist on doing everything for you.
  2. They tell you wonderful lies like " you're so cute." "What  a beautiful pregnant woman you are." and "your glowing". (I realize that they are sincere, but Mrs. Preggo find them hard to believe in her condition)
  3. People enjoy giving you lots of fun gifts and throw parties in your honor.
  4. People love this baby almost as much as you do. 
  5. People pray for you more :) 
  6. People make you food.
  7. People smile at you more :) 
  8. People are very interested in you and your baby. 
  9. People are more polite and open doors for you. 
  10. I can feel life inside of me. 
  11. My husband rubs my back and swollen feet. 
  12. I don't have to tie my shoes (saves time). 
  13. I can talk to my belly without being deemed a crazy person. 
  14. I can eat weird things and people just smile. 
  15. My husband is very proud of my growing belly. 
  16. Everyone wants to see pictures of my belly (now tell me what other stage of life this is true).
  17. If you have int'l friends they share their advice and experiences with you. 
  18.  It's amazing to realize what is going on inside your belly. 
  19. I feel closer to Jesus when I think about my baby and the miracle he is. 
  20. I feel like I can relate to my elderly friends with back aches, difficulty walking, or getting up out of chairs. 
That's all for now. If you think of any more. Let me know. Thank you to all who have shown me the beauties of pregnancy and how much Jesus loves me, my Brent, and our baby boy.