Monday, October 10, 2011

Home Owners

It's been a long time since I've posted anything. Mostly because I didn't feel like I had anything "new to write". No new revelations or astonishing news. We have been busy with our jobs and God has opened up "many" new doors. One of those is buying a house. We had been looking for a long time with lots of disappointments. Brent literally looked online every day for new postings and found very little we even wanted to drive by. It's so funny b/c everyone always told us..."Welp, now's the time to buy!" "There are a zillion houses on the market right now. " Like we were supposed to snatch something up over a weekend. I kept asking God, "do you want us to move out of this area, State, Country?" Are we not hearing you clearly about staying here? I've never been one to believe in storing up treasures on earth, but I really wanted Brent to have a play farm, somewhere he could express all his creative endeavors, and I wanted to bring my int'l friends to a cozy and inviting "home" with room for parties and barn dances :) I felt like God wanted us to completely trust him. Like, He actually wanted us to wait! Gasp!
It came at the perfect time. I was feeling especially dejected one day due to totally unrelated issues. I wasn't trusting God really, but I wanted to and was crying out for help. Brent came home and told me about "this place" he drove past and he thought we should check it out. I shrugged and tried not to get excited. I failed when I saw an amazing rainbow (a full one) in the sky. My camera can't do it justice, but I tried just the same. I failed to curb my excitement again when I saw this big and beautiful kitchen for me to spin around while cooking! Amazing! What I am amazed about the most was how God dropped it in our lap, 4.7 acres with two barns and a cool old home that has been updated (has the right plumbing etc), just to say... "I love you!". He owned this place and He saved for us, simply because he knew the cackle of delight that would escape from Brent's lips as he surveyed the perfect space to plant his new orchard. I want this place to be more then a place where we live. I want it to be a place where Jesus is glorified to the fullest. I want to sing his praises every day while I'm sitting out on the big front porch. I'm gloating people! I'm gloating over God's provision in a way that astounds me. Not because we have a cool house. But because His lovingkindness is better then life. He told me that day (the rainbow was a sign) that he loved me, us! He said. "Trust me with everything and for everything. I'm worth trusting." It wasn't the house that made me tear up. It was His extravagant love that we certainly don't deserve, given so freely in the shape of a rainbow (promise of His faithfulness) and a home that was exactly what we had asked for. It was even a promise of something better, yet to come. I'm excited to find out what it is.