Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Thanksgiving was a time of family, friends, food, and more food. I am very thankful for all four! My sister Anna brought 2 friends home with her this year, Daniele and Daniela. We also had fun with Our Taiwanese and Chinese friends that helped us celebrate. Pictured above are my nieces, Mireil and Adaline playing with Daniele and Lance. Daniela had never seen snow before (she's from Columbia), so she had a great time with the first snow. It was hilarious to watch her take pictures of everything and try to make a "snowdoll" (her version of a snowman).

The day after T-Day marked the beginning of the Christmas tree season, with much wreath making and tree cutting. Gabe, my nephew, armed to the teeth with a saw is helping Grandpa and his dad cut up a tree for wreath greenery. Just don't let him carry the saw around the house. He might take after his Uncle and start cutting up random objects, scary!
Adaline and Mireil have big gloves on so they can help Grandma pick holly for the wreaths. They love helping on the Farm. This year I am helping to organize a Christmas party for International Students on December 14th. Its usually a great time to show them the traditional activities that surround the holiday, like decorating cookies, trees and wreaths, or even making gingerbread houses. We also share the origins of the Christmas story with them. We already have several signed up to come.

I am so thankful for the many learning processes that God has brought me through. (I can't believe I said that). As many of you know I am applying to work with ISI(International Students Inc). I just sent in my application and am awaiting the next step. I keep asking God to prepare my way, and that I will be obedient to His words with a willing and excited heart. I have begun to build a ministry at Purdue, but it could be that He wants me elsewhere. Please join me in prayer for continued guidance. Thanks so much!!

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