Monday, May 4, 2009

April Showers

My nephew Gabe the baseball player, turned 8!
My nephew Lincoln, enjoying a dandelion puff.

So many blessings that stretch and move us. So many things I don't understand. So many lives that are touched by Your hand. So many. Why don't we choose faith first? Why don't we love You first? Why does life spin by so fast? I choose to let You heal me from the past. I claim today.

Summary of Events this past month:
1. Support raising kicks off to a good start and keeps my head spinning (in a good way)
2. My neice and nephew's birthdays.
3. My car (Fancy), dies of a Transmission Attack.
4. My wonderful God provides me with another car (curtisy of my friends in Muncie)
5. I find a house in Lafayette with two believing women.
6. I look for a part time job and try to trust my God. :)

19 of us went to the Easter week end Passion play in April. We had a great time talking afterwards. Many of the students had a lot of questions about the story. Many commented about their beliefs. I find it amazing how truth brings forth questions and curiosity. Please pray!

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