Monday, September 20, 2010

Accomplishments galore!

We are obsessed with accomplishment! We all have our certain "accomplishment obsessions". What if mine were to finish that ginormous apple in my hand? you would say... "that's it"? That's not reaching high enough. And I would agree with you.
What about getting over 3 different illnesses in 2.5 weeks? Now that's an accomplishment right? When going for a walk takes it out of you. When simply talking for more then 10 minutes is tiring, then we tend to think harder about our point system on accomplishments.

Recently God has been teaching me a lot about how my accomplishments, and works mean "squat" without Him. I am utterly helpless and hopeless without my God's backing. He empowers. I feel like I have written about this before.... hmmm. A theme maybe? I might just have a lot on my plate. I'm training for a marathon while planning 2 ministry activities next weekend, while teaching ESL, Bible Studies, raising up a team of financial partners in ministry, choir practice, prayer team meeting, small group and spending time with my man. I am not saying all this so that ya'll will be impressed by my time management skills. I'm actually appalled by all of this myself. The funny thing is... you are just as busy and it's normal, expected and encouraged to be "involved" in various "uplifting" activities. But what is all of this "accomplishing"? Really? When you read God's words, listen to the teaching of Jesus, what was important? I'm curious to get your thoughts and comments. Even one-liners would be great.


Daryl Winger said...

I think it's kinda like when God talks about how stupid it is that people cut down a tree and make an idol out of it and then say "you are my God". I make my productivity & accomplishments my God. I'll gladly lay aside everything else just to feel like I've been productive. It promises so much satisfaction, requires so much, and feeds my pride (my real other "god"). And then there's GOD... who actually deserves all my affection, but isn't a slave driver and gives me the significance I really long for apart from my accomplishments.

Dale & Carolyn said...

Yeah, there's so much "doing this, doing that," here in American culture, and it's spread around the world now.... One of the things I love about many other cultures is the emphasis, sewn into the cultural fabric, of just BEING.... This Mary/Martha thing is always a theme of my life, too. I don't have it figured out, but I do know that God does and what He wants most is to purify my heart through it all....I'm learning to let time "flow" through me, not fight against it, but view it as the gift it really is. It's taken me many years to get to this place...and I know I have much further to go!