Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Introducing...our little warrior.

I am realizing more and more how appropriately named this blog has become. It describes my life to a tee. Maybe I should start expecting more of these gifts God throws at me. What do you think?
Although I'm not to fond of suspense, I do like surprises (when I don't know their coming). That's a true surprise!

This pregnancy was very much desired, but for some reason I didn't expect it when it came. I'm 11.5 wks as I write this and I feel like the end of my first trimester couldn't come fast enough. Will the fatigue get better before it gets worse? Please say yes!
Am I there yet? My jeans are now unbuttonable (yes, I know that's not a word). I call that an accomplishment as I can now see how quickly my belly is expanding. I would love to upload a "belly pic", but my camera is not cooperating right now so you will have to wait until I'm as big as a basketball (or barn). After last year's miscarriage, the nervousness is still beneath the surface, but slowly dwindling as I watch this child grow (from the inside out). I've started pestering Brent about names and he is showing his lack of interest to discuss it, quite well. When we can get past the "Albert, and Ruban" comments, I'll be happy. He shot down my favorite name since I was in high school. "Yes I know we're having a white baby. But wouldn't it be fun.....?" Oh. Apparently, J'Myra's not his #1 name.
Sometimes I forget I'm pregnant, and then I wake up. The familiar growl begins in my stomach and I roll out of bed for something (for the millionth time) to eat. I am slowly getting past the "I hate food" stage, and into the "I'm so hungry I could pass out (every 2 hrs)" stage.

I love this baby and I'm excited to see who she/he becomes. Some people doubt bringing children into this corrupt world. I too have my fears and doubts. However, what if this child could be a soldier for the kingdom of God? What if Brent and I could raise up (by God's grace and strength alone), someone who really cares and prays and shatter's the Enemies strongholds? Oh, Lord I pray that will happen! Who's with me?

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test said...

I hope you are now feeling better, Bethany! We are very excited that you and Brent are parents and I can tell that you will both be excellent ones. You already have a great perspective on raising your child to be a soldier for God. May the Lord grant you both wisdom, strength and patience while you daily raise up your child. Big congratulations! Love, the Reeves