Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hello 2009, Fairwell 2008

End of semester English class party.

Goodbye to 2008. It ended with a bang, as I hit my head on the pillow b/f midnight last night. I thought it would be good to go over this past year and thank God for what He has done.

January: I decided to obey God's voice and go to Ukraine for the Summer to serve w/ Pam Nelson and Bear Child Ministries.

February: God provided above and beyond for my Ukraine trip and I was able to purchase plane tickets. My best friend Jodi and my friend Daryl married each other on the 16th.

Lincoln(nephew 18mon) Mireil (neice 5 1/2 yrs old)
March: Continued to raise support for Ukraine and being overwhelmed by the generosity of the people of God. Preparing to move, be in my roomie's wedding, and go to the Bahamas to visit a friend.

April: vacation in the Bahamas, visiting Shanti Treese. Last day of working at WIC April 28th. Packing up everything I own.

May: Moving to my parents in Waynetown, In (a corn field in west-central In). Packed everything i own in my car (amazing feat). Celebrated with my friend Lauren by being in her wedding on May 10th.
(Christmas Party on the Farm)
Flew to Ukraine May 15th. Breastfeeding classes, material support, borscht, Ukrainian food in general (yummy), amazing Ukrainian friends, and so much more.

June: Learning how to "really" play guitar from my friend Julia. Visiting Vijta Hungary and Budapest. Calvary Chapel Conference. Eating ripe roadside mulberries. Visiting babies and loving on them.
July: Saying goodbye to mommies and babies of Ukraine. Packing up Pam's apt and center. Saying goodbye to my Ukrainian peeps. Adjusting to life in the cornfield of Indiana. My nephew Lincoln turned 1.
August: Eating raspberries, fresh garden veggies, and summer apples. Finding a job at a coffee shop in Lafayette. Looking for a "real" job, ha ha! I speak about Ukraine at Emmanuel and Strickland Baptist.
September: I start volunteering teaching English at the International Center near Purdue. I meet a lot of new students especially my Thai friend Pinthip.

October: I speak at my home church in Muncie. Muncie Alliance, all about my Ukrainian Adventure. I travel to Valpo and see my friend Lisa while speaking at Valpo Baptist Church, who also supported me in Ukraine.
I also was given the opportunity to go to Ashville N.C. for the ISI Regional Retreat. There I met some wonderful staff that did there best to recruit me. I think they won :)
November: I finally decide to apply to ISI!!
December: ISI Christmas Party on the farm was a huge success. (pics above) I turned 26, yikes (I entered a new "age bracket"). Quiet Christmas w/ the fam. Started working on the ISI modules for my candidacy.
Happy New Year 2009!!!!!

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Jodi said...

I love how looking back makes us remember how good God has been and how much clearer His mercy is in retrospect.