Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lady in Waiting

What is a "lady in waiting"? Does it really mean I have to wait? I'm not good at waiting. Traditionally a Lady in Waiting was like a personal servant girl for royalty. Does that mean that they were experts at "waiting" for the royal Somebody to give them a task? It makes sense, now why I'm still waiting.. for a lot of things... maybe I haven't been listening to my Master, or maybe I am too distracted.

I am waiting for an answer from ISI whether or not I am officially hired. I am waiting so that I can begin raising support. I am waiting so I can move to West Lafayette. I am waiting so that I can find a team of volunteers, eager to partner with me to help int'l students and their families. I am waiting for many other things... but I am thankful for God's faithfulness in the waiting process. I used to write poetry, short stories, and songs. I was never very good at it, but it was a creative outlet that I believe helped in worship. I have had numerous hobbies throughout my life time. I always seemed to get bored with them after a while and crave something new to try. Ever curious and always asking why, (yes, I was that child) I am ever searching and waiting for something new. Is this a good attribute or dangerous? Is it just a neutral personality trait?

What do you think?

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Lisa W. said...


Being curious and asking questions is a good attribute. However, God does not always give us the "why," and sometimes, He gives it to us years later when we are trying to help someone else through a tough situation. Asking "why" can lead us to what God wants us to learn. Sometimes, He just wants to draw us closer to Him and force us to lean on Him more.