Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Moving.... for the 8th time in 8yrs!

Why??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... you may ask (more politely then I ask myself). I may give you some round about answers that also may seem like excuses for restlessness to you. You may stop to ponder and analyze the deeper meaning beyond my simple answers. But here's the plain and un-complex truth. Are you ready?

All those reasons are fact, complete, and true. I have moved because my roommies get married, graduate, move, I get a different job, this apt will be better, cheaper, a bigger kitchen, my own bathroom or my favorite... "Because God told me to move back home with my parents." In a way I envy those who have stayed put throughout their entire college experience, or young adult life. Yet in a bizarre and scary way, as much as I dislike moving (with a passion really), and as much as I complain about it, my life has never been boring. I enjoy change as much as I enjoy a good run! You may be tired at the end of it, but it is invigorating and new {muscle} memory is created. I have cherished memories everywhere I've moved. Maybe it's also the MK in me that needs and craves that change. oh! That's why I change my hair style every six months! That's why I subject myself to shoving pans and bowls in flimsy cardboard boxes (might as well be made of Hallmark cards for what they can carry) and plastic Kroger bags that will only break the moment I pick them up (duct tape is not really that strong, by the way).

For some strange reason, I expect the groans and complaints every year as much as that promising new hair cut. I think we are all about the same really. what do you think?

I move to Lafayette Aug 1st because of God's amazing provision and your prayers.


Forest said...

Welcome to Lafayette!

brent said...

There's much to be admired about living as a vagabond. And great news- with any luck, the city of lafayette will greet you with complementary recycling bins, which will make your next move that much easier!