Thursday, August 19, 2010


It seems a lot has changed in the last 3 weeks. Let me recap.
Hmmm... I got married!!!!!!
And with that comes changes like... last name, living situations, learning to live with a boy, learning not to assume he knows what I meant by what I just said, "sharing" a bed (I tend to take over and sprawl), learning how to choose to love and show in word and deed, and learning how to confide in him more. hmm... maybe I should write a book.. ha ha!

Updating my last name is almost like becoming a new person b/c you have to change EVERYTHING! It's fun to move up in the alphabet a bit, but I will miss the convenience of a 4 letter last name.

The honeymoon was everything it should be; relaxing, fun, exciting, beautiful, and complete with the standard food poisoning and GI tract issues. We learned how to love each other in sickness and in health very soon after saying "I Do".
We are learning how to love our neighbors as ourselves (ask me). There is a lot of choosing joy and love when boxes are strewn all over the new place and the challenge of finding storage in a closet-less place comes into play. We are learning how to make life fun in every situation. I love my husband. He makes life fun, every day! I love how different we are and how complementary our character traits are.
I love the way he loves me, from kisses to dish-washing to creating shelves all over the house and remembering sappy things like first dates. There are so many things I'm/we are learning it would take a book to fill... hmm. :)

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MISOOK said...

Bethany!! What's your new last name? I forgot~^^ I remember that it's little bit funny ^^. Kidding.
It's wonderful to live with a person you love~~^^