Friday, July 16, 2010


I've been thinking about the word "engagement" a lot. Mostly because it's the state that I've found myself in (for the next 2 weeks and the past 3.5 months). I have decided that those who tell me this time of life is happy and joyous, either don't remember their" engaged to be married" period, or they were engaged for 2 days. It's hard to plan a wedding in 4months, but it would be harder still to wait a year or more like many folks do. Crazy!

A friend of mine gave me a devotional on how the Holy Spirit is our "engagement ring", our guarantee and promise of something better. Jesus said he was leaving to prepare a place for us. He said he would send the comforter and helper. I just finished reading the book, "Safely Home", by Randy Alcorn. He compares this world's beauty to heaven as "copies of the real thing", just shadows of the things to come. What beautiful pictures. We were not meant to be here forever. We are signed, sealed, and almost delivered to our true home with Jesus.
I pray our marriage is a constant reminder to all that there is something better. This world is not our home. We need to help people understand that fact. August 1st. 2010 is the day my earthly "guarantee" is fulfilled. I am so thankful for beautiful pictures created by God to let us catch a tiny glimpse of His perfect plan.

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