Monday, June 13, 2011

The Familiar

"What is that?" "Well, I'm not sure. let's order it and find out ":)
Adventure comes in different colors and definitely looks different on everyone. As members of the human race, we long for the familiar. We may enjoy the occasional adventure of "fresh eel" picked out alive from it's tank and then cooked wriggling in front of you. But unless you grew up that way, an ice americano may be more comforting.

Brent and I are learning that this is true for traffic, food, ATMs, and coffee. For example, scooters in Seoul can drive anywhere they like including side walks and in between cars and buses. It's madness trying to stay alive where ever we walk. the food is very good, but you have to like kimchi, tofu, and spicy. I like it, but it does taste the same after a while.

Apparently you have to use a special "global ATM" to be able to get any money out. It was interesting trying to find one. The internet helps :)

We splurged on Indian food last night. like I said, it's familair and a favorite of both Brent and myself. There is something comforting about familiar foods, faces, places. I'm still trying to put my finger on the reason why. In any case, I understand why my international friends feel lost in an American restaurant, or are afraid to ask for directions or what a certain food is at the grocery store. Ah yes, I understand.

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