Sunday, June 26, 2011


We learned that there are many different languages and worship styles but only one God. His people reside in different parts of the earth. They eat different foods and pray differently( Koreans pray out loud all at the same time). theses Korean young people were practicing a song for a singing competition in their church.

The second video is of my Filipina sisters in Christ worshiping God in a park on Hong Kong Island during their day off. It brought me to tears to hear their beautiful worship with out thought of what people would think of them. They were a beautiful example to me. Tears filled my eyes as I thought about them and the 4 years I spent in their beautiful country as a child. I don't know their names but I felt closer to them then to many of my church members in America. They had a passion and desire to worship that out shone any thing I've seen in the U.S. These women are working as house helpers/maids in Hong Kong. They have left their families back home in order to be able to provide for them and make a better life for them. They send the money back home. It's a touching example of sacrifice and how they connect in their communities.

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