Monday, March 24, 2008

This is my family. Although they may not look like much (ha ha, j/k), they mean the world to me. They have supported me through this whole process and will continue to give me their love and encouragment no matter where I go.

From top to bottom, left to right. Isaac (oldest brother/sibling-pastor, friend, wise man) Aaron, (my lil bro, former marine, tough guy w/ a soft heart, and very smart w/ his brains and hands) Baby Lincoln (youngest nephew and a cutie-petutie 8mon). Julie, (married to Isaac, gave birth to 4 amazing children, and a world class mom and good friend). Gabe (6 yrs old nephew, crazy kook). Sarah (lil sis 14 yrs old, loves art). Mireil ( 4 yr old neice, girly girl). Me ( crazy as ever), Crystal (married to Aaron, loves dogs adn cats and i love her too), my mom Cindy ( loves gardending and driving me crazy in the kitchen w/ constant dishes ). Adaline ( 2 yr old neice, loves tea parties), my dad pete (loves burning and trimming things and farming). Anna (19 yr old sis. loves people and spanish.)

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Jodi said... Somehow, somehow the reason for this will all be made clear. May Jesus hold you close through it all. I love you.