Monday, July 28, 2008

The Corn Fields

my nephew Lincoln, enjoying some wicked HFCS on his first birthday!
There are many possibilities for corn. Its sad that fuel was not discovered until recently and we had to content ourselves with HFCS (high fructose corn syrup-a different and much more frightening source of fuel). I even created an anti-HFCS club of which the membership rate is skyrocketing. Actually, for a limited time only, I will be accepting new members for the incredible discount of $19.99 a month (plus tax). You will receive a free news letter in the mail and a t-shirt that reads... "Down with HFCS! My mind, body, soul and spirit are deathly allergic to the toxic syrupy madness."

Seriously, corn fields can grow as tall as 12ft and some even as much as 14ft, which are entered into local fairs. why talk about Indiana's most grown crop? because it is what i see every day. its what i drive through, wake up to, taste, feel, smell. yikes, you might say. Yes, but among the corn hides tiny little communities of friendly neighbors and small youth ministries. Churches that give a significant amount of their small budget to missions.

For some reason, my entire immediate family has chosen this spot in the corn to settle down. A couple times a week, when the corn starts to get to us we can go up to Lafayette for some culture. I have become involved in the International Student Center at Purdue and have befriended an Egyptian woman and her husband, who is studying to become a Vet. It is a gift from God, as they are expecting their first baby and need help with the language. I am excited to learn more about their culture and help my friend with English.

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