Thursday, July 24, 2008

I was showing off my pictures to my small groupies and I realized how much i missed my church in Ukraine. These are pictures of saying goodbye at the train station. They literally walked our train out of the station, crying and waving and blowing kisses.

i was humbled by the love shown to me in such a gentle way. This next picture is my beloved Kristina. Kristina was my friend first, translator second and always ready for a good joke. I have more pictures taken by her then me, i think :) I miss you Kristinka.

Natasha was my Ukrainian Princess friend and translator for several breastfeeding classes. She was one of Pam's first clients and friends in Ukraine. I made her step out of her comfort zone a little and dance with me at a party. To get me back, she decided to smear eye liner and pink lipstick on my face in the appearance of a feline horror creature.
Ira my gentle, quiet spirit. she reminded me of myself on my shy and quiet days:) She is a very talented blooming percussionist and one of the most generous people I know. I miss my Irichka.

Babushka Lida! Our faithful grandma and cook. She made the best borsht ever! I know how to make it now, so maybe I will invite people over for some good ole Ukrainian food! She gave the best hugs! I miss our little Russlish conversations. She humbled me more then anyone. Isn't she beautiful?!

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