Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Last week in Ukraine!

As I think back on the last two months, all I can feel is overwhelmed by how fast its gone! When you get into the swing of things, ride on transport without a problem, know the city well enough to get around, be able to communicate through a combo of Russlish and charades, it just seems strange to leave. I know my time here was ordained by God for a specific length. I don't question His sovereignty in leaving in July. I feel as if I have learned more about myself in the last two months then in the past few years of my life. I am much more self absorbed then I ever deemed possible, and I have only to be faithful to Jesus, and the rest will come. Doesn't that just sum up life in general?

This next week will be hectic. Yesterday, we said good bye to many clients that the center has served over the last four years. Wednesday will be another hard day of open house with open tears for Pam and many mommies who have been loved through this ministry. Today we will visit Artyom for the last time and deliver a gift of diapers to the hospital that cares for him. Thursday will be our last visit to the baby hospital where Calvary Chapel has had a servant ministry for the past seven years. We are in a continuous state of getting rid of things. Wednesday night and Friday night will be birthday parties for dear friends, Sveta and Ulia. Saturday, the ladies of the church are throwing a party for Pam and I, and Sunday will be another day of goodbyes. Too many goodbyes, but such amazingly sweet people.
  • Pray that we can smoothly transition and clear out the apartment in a week.
  • Pray for Pam as she leaves her home of seven years.
  • Pray for mommies and daddies who love Jesus for Artyom and Demitri.
  • Pray for me as I look for a job and transition back to life State side.

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