Friday, June 27, 2008

Its the pleople that make a place.

How many times do we hear that phrase "Its the people that make or break a place", or "Its the people that make it home." Its true. This precious woman above in the pink apron is my Babushka Lida. Her gift is domestic love. She cooks for Pam and I Monday and Wednesday. She is very precise and makes perfect borscht, plove (a rice, carrot, onion and meat dish that is awesome... lots of spices), and verenikie (little dumplings with veggies or fruit stuffed inside). I decided I wanted to glean from her vast field of knowledge and she graciously put up with me making the verenikie wrong :) She is now my adopted grandma and she gives the best hugs. I can't really communicate well with her since my Russian is almost as limited as her English but some how, body language of a few hugs and hand squeezes communicates volumes.

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