Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Always learning

I had to laugh at myself. Here I was in a grocery store looking like a first grader trying to make out the words on the bottle. I think its shampoo. I sound out the letters of the Cyrillic characters to myself.. shampoov.. something like that. I look for conditioner by comparing other bottles of Head and Shoulders, Dove, etc, hoping against hope not to buy gel or lotion. I finally find something that doesn't have the same word as shampoo on it and place it in my basket. Next i need to find some mouse for my hair. I look at the section of what appears to be hair sprays and gels, i hope its not shaving cream. Slavabog (praise God) for pictures and some English words that got the point across on this one bottle of what i still hope is mouse.

I have more and more experiences like this due to my exploratory nature and desire to learn on my own. I still cling to a translator or help of some kind and can be rather shy in saying using some Russian, but God does give me a spirit of learning and humility when i need it the most.

I am realizing more and more that my plans are not always His. I had meant to stay in Ukraine until August 12th but circumstances and the Lord has called me back sooner. Bear Child Ministries is closing in July and Pam will be leaving Ukraine in July as well. I came to be a servant to Bear Child Ministries and to Pam so I will leave with Pam as she travels back. It has been a hard decision as I could potentially stay until August with a friend or live in another city and house sit for a family. But my motivations would be out of pride and wanting to survive on my own and prove i can do it. i don't know what I will do when i go back to Waynetown/Crawfordsville, Indiana. I am terrified of inactivity and not knowing what the next step will be.

Pray that i would surrender my fear to Jesus. He knows the plans he has for me and they are awesome!

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The Kristiansens said...

I remember when I was living in Romania I went to buy some eggs. In my most polite Romanian, I asked the lady if she would be so kind to give me 10 SHEEP! Yup--we're always humbled whether we want to be or not. We miss you around here. Much love from the Kristiansens!