Friday, June 6, 2008

Bobbing Demitri

This is Bouncy little Demitri. Actually, that is the name that i gave him. The staff at the baby hospital/orphanage do not know what his name is. He was found on the street alone, while his father was passed out drunk. When I first saw him last Thursday he was unsmiling and emotionless. This week, he was beaming when he saw Kristina and I entering the room. After I bathe him and change his diaper I take him over to the window so he can see the trees and people outside. His favorite activity is bouncing on the window sill. He gives my forearms a work out. The children are stuck in cribs all day so he has so much pent up energy to wiggle out.

To better understand my ministry here let me give you a layout of my week.
Monday/Wednesday: Material support: clients of Bear child ministry can come and take a few baby items/clothes/diapers. They "earn" these items by participating in certain classes, going to church, working/husband working, doing article summaries, etc. We get a chance to talk with each mom as she looks through the clothing. We pray for with them and ask about their needs.
Tuesday: Reserved for visiting the baby hospital that Artyom, an abandoned baby is living. See the last baby post titled "artyom" for more details. He needs a mommy and a daddy. Any takers?
Thursday: Material support and visiting a different baby hospital Demitri's home) on the other side of the river. We wash and love on the babies. The nurses are used to us coming regularly as they have been receiving people from Calvary Chapel Dnepro for seven years now.
Friday: A day off but filled with traveling or catch up work recently. Today we went to the Zorka/central market. I love open air markets, so much activity and beautifully priced fresh items.
Saturday/Sunday: ministry, church and for the past few weeks childbirth and breastfeeding classes. i do get a chance to read and relax, which i take advantage of regularly. The church is having an outreach on Saturday for the TB Sanitarium kids. This will involve games, crafts, bible story, and just playing with the kids.


Jodi said...

Its neat to see what all you've been up to Lizzie. you are so good at updating your blog. we are not so good at that, but hopefully we can learn to follow your example.

Lea said...

I think that it is wonderful what you are doing! The Lord will surely bless you!