Sunday, June 22, 2008

I love my Ukrianians

350-400 people, teachings and worship time every morning, afternoon and evening, bread and cheese sandwiches for breakfast, swimming in the pool, eating mulberries and Hungarian ice cream. These things might describe my time at the Calvary Chapel Foundations Conference in Vajta, Hungary as some of the major activities. Or, the people to your left from Kiev, Ukraine might describe my favorite, and some of the most influential moments in my life are with the people I meet and interact with. I did not know these girls before I came. I had never attended their church in the capital city of Kiev. That didn't seem to matter at all. These girls enveloped me into their worlds the moment I met them. I spent hours singing and worshiping Jesus with them. Lube( the one next to me) plays the saxophone, guitar and sings beautifully. We didn't speak eachother's languages very well but Jesus gave us a connection of prayer and music. Tasha( in pink) wanted to learn how to dive, so I spent time teaching her with our mixed Russian/English phrases. She loved to tease and love on me ( especially while she was sopping wet and i was dry). Oksana (right, white shirt) loves to serve others and asked me how to plan a menu for a vacation trip to the Black Sea. The Ukrainian people love to have fun and include everyone in their fun. They also love Jesus and want to make sure you do too. I was immensly humbled once again by these amazing people. They are beautiful and made in the image of God just as I am. I have learned what warm love and acceptance is through my relationships with Ukrainians.

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Jodi said...

what a beautiful blessing, Lizzie. Thanks for sharing.