Monday, June 2, 2008


I traveled to a city called Harkov this past weekend to teach breastfeeding to what I thought would be about 6 clients and several volunteers and the center's staff. Jesus had other things in mind. In the end most of the pregnant clients were hospitalized that week for various reasons and so only one client with a five month old baby came along with 2 staff and the director.

These changes were all for the best as I was able to observe these women and here them pour out there heart of love for their clients and desire to serve them. | was humbled immensely by the way they treated me. They saw me as a professional who came to share my knowledge about breastfeeding with them and how to counsel their clients accordingly. They treated me w/ such respect I can't even explain how humbled I felt. I was able to give them bf materials in Russian that they can use to teach their bf class. This center is also sponsored by a church in America, however, this church is giving them less support in order for them to try to obtain the support/sponsorship themselves in Ukraine. It is very difficult for Ukrainians to support themselves and a charitable center at the same time due to the economy and the lack of resources. Pray for Ukrainians to step up to the plate. They are also exploring business and ministry possibilities.

I learned that breastfeeding is not really explained or taught in their medical/nursing schools either. It is so amazing to me how cultures are so different yet similar.

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