Thursday, May 29, 2008

No fear in love

There are somethings that are very difficult living in a foreign country. those things exist because everything is foreign. But i praise Jesus for the gifts of familiarity he gives me, like peanut butter and peonies. The terrain here is roughly the same as the Midwest..., farms outside the city. Rolling hills with the blackest earth i have ever seen encompass the country side. I am told that in July, the fields will be covered in sunflowers and golden wheat.

On Tuesday Pam and i went to visit a sweet babushka named Vola and her mother. she has a large fenced in garden with gorgeous peonies, climbing roses, strawberries, tomatoes, current bushes etc.

This picture was taken tonight of my Dnepro bf class. They have good questions. It is expected to bf here but they have fears and concerns just like everyone else, especially when it comes to eating foods and giving the baby allergies. I was able to share about fear and the fact that there is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. (1 John 4: 18). Its becoming more natural for me to talk about something that I am passionate about like breastfeeding and include truths from God's word. It is important for our motivation for our actions to be out of love and faith, not fear. Not eating any fruits after deliver for fear of giving the baby allergies is wrong. Being careful to avoid too much caffeine out of love for our baby is wisdom.

I travel to Harkov tomorrow with my friend and translator Kristina to teach another breastfeeding class. This will be my 4th class in two weeks. I am loving it.


Anna said...

So I used up most of my bladdering on your facebook message. So this is all I have left.

Aaron and Crystal were dissapointed that non of their neighbors can to welcome them or bring them food. I have a feeling they were most dissapointed about the later. So, Mom made some home-made bread and they took it over tonight. I didn't go...I'm sooooooo tired physically and mentally!!!! A little emotionally too, cuz I have been living in fear of messing up and getting fired all day. And plus I only saw the sun from about 6am-6:45am and from 7pm-about 9pm. Yuck. You know me...I need sun. I think once I adjust my sleeping schedule I will prefer nights. We'll see.

How do you like Ukrainian culture?

Luuuv, Anna

Jodi said...

how awesome that you've been able to connect the truths of the gospel to basic daily life. The Lord is shining through you, Lizzie.