Friday, May 16, 2008

luggage receipt? What, i need that?

The beginnging of my journey to Ukraine, i lost/ misplaced an important receipt i needed in order for my suitcase to arrive in kiev w/ me. Well no one told me Air France (pronounced w/ a snooty french accent) needed this reciept thingy(which i found convienently in my purse 30 min after i needed it). ha ha ha. well, blessing in desguise. the airport is delivering the luggage to my door in Dnepro and i didn't have to lug it around kiev, yey! after more time sitting then i ever care to do again, i can now sympathize w/ my pregnant clients w/ the swollen ankles. i would love to put a picture on here, but i only have one so far and its of a very tired pam and bethany on a long train ride. i have discovered that i need to learn to shop at the market in order to get things cheap. i need to develop my haggeling vocab. don' t even have a basic vocab yet. Praise Jesus for Pam, a bed and safe travel w/o my heavy suitcase. love you all.

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Jodi said...

so nice that you didn't have to carry your bags lizzie! too bad we couldn't have worked something like that out with our backpacks when we were in europe, eh?
love you!