Wednesday, May 21, 2008


this is Arytom. he is roughly 7months old and just so cute. he just woke up from his nap in this picture. he is currently one of the many institutionalized babies in this country. When his documents are complete he will be ready to be adopted by some really "blessed to be a blessing" couple. We visited him yesterday, traveling a total of 3hrs both ways to see him for 20 min. God's creations are worth it. His mother was one of Bear child's clients who decided he wasn't worth the transport money it cost to see him while he was sick and hospitalized a month or two ago. He was abandoned like so many babies like him. Jesus has a plan for his life, as well as for the tiny little HIV infants and FAS babies that are also in this room. Pray for families for these babies, the unwanted of Dnepropetrovsk. They are loved immeasurably by our Savior.


Anna said...

I must confess that I didn't read this until today and that I had to dig through my trashed e-mails to find the address for it. Doesn't that mean I love you more...I had to search for it...right? right? Oh, mummsy would like to know if you have a phone in your apartment and if we can call you...I don't think she understands skype. Are you getting over your jetlagg yet? How do you feel at the end of the day after spending time with these children with their depressing stories? love ya! Anya...(my Russian name)I'm going to ask mom if she wants to comment now.

Anna said...

This is Mom,
Anna is typing this for me...of course. We are so glad that God provided a friend for you. We were praying for that. We miss you already.
P.S. I have exciting news....THE CARROTS ARE UP!!!! Maybe if your lucky I'll send you a picture. We'll keep you updated on the green breans.

Beka said...

this blog idea is a very good idea...:) i'm excited for you. i just wanna hold that little guy real his name too