Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Joy of the Lord is my Strength

today is a good day to praise the Lord. I traveled to a city 5 hrs away (by bus.. really only 2-3hrs by car) on friday to teach a crash course on bf(breastfeeding) at a local crisis pregnancy center (cpc). Poltava is a smaller city then Dnepro, and has some beautiful hills and country side. We stayed in one of the center's volunteer's house in the country. They had a 5 yr old son named Teress who reminded me so much of my nephew Gabe. He was silly and kept eating all our food and giving us these little berries that looked like shriveled up blueberries. He kept saying.. in Russian. "Speak normally, i don't understand English." How i wished it was that simple. i don't know who is praying for me, but i feel like Jesus has given me extra measures of unexplained joy just about being here and I feel like someone is praying specifically for that. if its you, thanks sooo much. The joy of the Lord has literally become my strength as i have renewed energy to perform the good works He has prepared in advance for me to do. more pictures to come..


Anna said...

So everytime I read your blog I wonder how many adopted little kids are going to trail off the plane behind you when you come back. I can just see you guys like the little "Van Trap" family. As you exit the plane you will of course all be singing in perfect key, while skipping. Dressed in uniforms made of curtains, you will sing breastfeeding ballads with obnoxious volume and unquenchable vigor. hmmmm I see potential here....just call me Max! haha Ok, but seriously I think you will come back with a couple smuggled kiddies in your luggage. Bring one back for Isaac and Julie too!

So is teaching these classes what you are going to be doing all summer? Sounds like the perfect summer for you....oh...and I do think you should write a breastfeeding ballad. NO...NOT a song...a ballad.....oh...and the more yodeling the better. Ok, I'm done wasting your time. I'm proud of you sis and terribly jealous too! I'm home along or I'm sure Mom would update you on the carrots. But I will just say what she would say. "We are praying for you and we miss you already!"....there...Mom is so perdictable! Love ya too!

Jourdan said...

i am so glad you are doing well! God is so awesome! this is so encouraging to me!