Tuesday, May 20, 2008

5 Days

Today marks the 5th day of living life in Ukraine. It has been a whirlwind of activity, jet lag, travel, and more public transportation then i have ever partisipated in all in less then a week. I happily recieved my luggage from a very hurried delivery man who jabbered on in Russian about some form he had for me to sign. i don't think anything was missing from my luggage but if there is something gone, i'm sure i didn't need it anyway.

Saturday, i helped pam w/ her childbirth class. i was able to use that deep breathing all my voice lessons pounded into me to teach pain relieving breathing... i know I'm so experienced:)

Sunday i went to church and met many people. one of them was a collage student named Lena, who immediately took me under her wing. she knows a little English but not enough to spoil me so we are trading words back and forth. she is very patient w/ this ridiculous, overstimulated, and jet lagged woman. I have a feeling that several of the girls i have met here will help make this time in Ukraine memorable and such a great learning experience. i went on a walk w/ pam on Sunday and decided, spur of the moment to attend an Ukrainian Orthodox service. i covertly took a video of part of it. a lot of chanting, bowing and crossing yourself, lighting candles of prayer, and standing in a gaudy building. It is so hard for me to understand the attraction or bondage to that kind of religion b/c i have so much freedom in Christ. Pray for these people. i will try to capture more of the culture as i can.

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