Thursday, May 1, 2008

Moses Glory

I just spent five days in the Bahamas visiting a friend and relaxing. I got to witness one of the most powerful examples of Gods glory in creation, a sunrise over the ocean. it looks like a glimps into heaven doesn't it? It must have been what moses felt like when allowed to witness God Almighty's glory with his back to Him. It must have still blinded his eyes even from the back and caused him to stagger and fall to his knees. It was one of the most amazing worship experiances i have ever had! if He can do things like this, surely He can guide us through the rest of our time here on earth. Today is the National Day of Prayer and it starts the National Prayer week. Be in prayer for His Kingdom to come and for the enemies kingdom to falter and fail. Prayer for the church's in division, and sin. Pray for Spiritual allertness in this country. For Jesus to be worshiped and proclaimed as Lord!

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