Thursday, May 22, 2008


Today i finally feel like i'm getting back to normal... yeah i know.. as crazy as ever. i only dosed off for a few minutes while preparing for my breastfeeding class on saturday. i graduated from puppy dog to trained homing pigeon as i was let loose to ride the bus/marshutka/public trans, all the way from the center to my apartment in a differant part of town... all by myself. i know where to get off and what to say to get off, but everyone was soo worried about me, it was nice to know i'm loved. i got to peruse through the open air second hand clothing market today. they have really nice stuff from western europe. i am going to come home, a fashionable woman and no one will recognize this classy chic ( stop laughing mi familia).

Tonya (a volunteer) and i went to another baby hospital and washed and clothed the babies. They are precious. anyone up for adopting? i will send pictures... ok, well let me know. love love


Anna said...

Mom wants to tell you that the carrots...haha jk No, she really wants to tell you that we helped Aaron and Crystal load up yesterday and they are closing and moving in today. You can pray for Aaron. He had to load yesterday and work last night. Now, today, they have to drive here and back to return the truck after moving all their stuff again.

Ok, now its my turn. Me as in Anna who does all the typing around here. I have to admit it is nice to have mom oooing and aaawwwing and saying things like "wow I wish I could type like that". She is easily entertained! Anyways I have job orientation today. Since they didn't call it an interview I called them back to ask if I need to dress nicely. She kinda chuckled and said "no, its just urine tests and tax forms". I think I start Tuesday.
I'm going to be working for a factory called SCI. Basically I get to stand in a line and stack bottle tops and lift boxes full of bottle tops and stack some more bottle tops. I'm going to be working 12 hr shifts 4 days on 4 days off. Hopfully I can pick up some overtime in my four off days. The first week will be training. Then the next week I will work nights for a week and then switch back to days for four weeks. Fun. My body isn't going to know which way is up. After a month of days i will switch to a month of nights. I get paid about $0.20 more an hours for nights.....woooaahhh. I don't really think I will mind the work once it becomes mindless I will be able to talk and do it at the same time without slowing down. We'll that is what is going on here. Oh, Isaac and Julie are REALLY looking into adoption. Is it really expensive to adopt from there? I can show them the blog. Post lots of pictures of babies that you think Julie might fall in love with!

Anna said... ge them to adopt you might want to drop subtle little hints like title that last pic of the baby Artyom Zull. Or something like that.