Thursday, July 10, 2008

Touch Down (not the football kind)

Do you ever wonder what God's response is to our "plans"? I sometimes do, and then I think... "oh, yeah, my plans are not His... right." That's how it was traveling to the USA over a period of three days... no joke. He has a sense of humour that's for sure. Because of a delay in Kiev, Pam and I missed our flight to Atlanta from Paris and were put up in a French hotel. The hotel was not very impressive, but I rediscovered what the French spend their money and time on that is impressive, and that is their amazing French Buffets. So many fancy little starters and salads, desserts and of course accompanied with a french baguette. It was so much fun to see how God took care of us in the midst of frustrating times. (yey for French crepes and pastries!). We were able to sleep in beds instead of cramped up in two feet of airplane with a powerful neck ache all night. Fun times in Indy when our bags did not come on the same plane, but, He provided us with a free meal voucher from the airline for the trouble. Have I mentioned how much I love free stuff? He knows us better then we know ourselves. My bag was delivered to my door last night... again, complements of Delta.

So many decisions to make and pray about making in the next few months. I am praying about the next step in my life. I have my own ideas but I want them to be founded in truth, God's word, and His direction... not what I think should happen. I have been instructed by God to wait on Him so that's all I can do for now. Thanks for praying and making this Ukrainian adventure possible and thank you for your continued prayers. Let's let Jesus surprise us with His plans.

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