Thursday, July 3, 2008

Its the People Part 2

I find it strange that I feel more at home amidst randomness then in the neat and tidy life of the typical American. I don't know where God is calling me,(as far as the next mission field experience is concerned), but I do know it will be in a "Random" culture full of fun loving people. Kristina, Lena, and I are posing by the Dnepro River. Lena and Kristina have been a great encouragment to me. Lena's sweet spirit is very affectionate and Kristina is always ready for a tease.

Last week the girls took me to the island to experience the Ukrainian "beach scene". On the way we passed by a Karaoke booth and the girls pursuaded me to sing "Yesturday" by the Beetles. Julia also sang some silly Russian song (see picture below).

Julia (pronounced "Ulia") is one of my favorate people in Ukriane. She has boundless energy and makes it her mission in life to better my Russian and guitar skills. She makes me say the words perfectly and play the chords just the right way. I am grateful for her encouragement because it shows how much she cares. Today is her 20th birthday! Happy Birthday to Ulia. I forgot it was also America's birthday until later this morning.

Below is a video I took by the river that day. They are traditional Dance Fighters. Its like an art form but its competitive and entertaining at once. They never actually touch each other. i have yet to figure it out, but they sure are flexible.

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