Friday, January 8, 2010

Ancient Culture

I am attempting to play a traditional Okinawan instrument called a Sanshin, (it means "three strings"). It has this fun, "banjo twang" to it. I never thought I would be exposed to so much authentic Okinawa, but here's some proof. Songs in the Okinawan language are sung while playing the Sanshin.
A Shinto Tomb, a more modern version actually. The traditional version is round and built in the side of a hill. There are days when people come and bring food and water to the tomb to honor their dead ancestors. Quite a sad ritual, w/o any hope. Jesus, bring these people hope!

Castle ruins atop a rather large hill. this door opened to the outer court. So beautiful and ancient. I love the fact that these stones have stood the test of time, wars, typhoons etc. What a great place to go and soak up the history of the Okinawan people. Pray for the Japanese. So few of them know who Jesus is. These are beautiful people with a long history. They value honor above all else. They need to understand Who the only truly perfectly Honorable One is.

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