Monday, January 4, 2010


To have faith like a child. What pure and simple joy that would be. To find hope in the touch of a hand that's larger then your own, what strength. To walk down the street, trying madly to keep up with Pop's long stride, supremely confident that he won't mind, your hopping to keep up.

To have faith like a child, what madness, what folly, to have any other kind of trust. Because adults have too much fear built up. Too many disappointments, to much independence ingrained. Hold out your small hand and let Him take it. Life will suddenly seem much simpler then before.

These smiling giggling faces are and should be an inspiration of simple joy, pleasure, and hope. Their names are Alexis and Erik Lee and they are the children of my hosts in Okinawa, David and Rebekah Lee. I didn't know what all I would learn from my trip to Japan, and I still am unsure, however I know that I need to slow down, trust, appreciate the little things, and hold my heavenly father's capable hands.

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