Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Art of Japan

Anyone who has ever been to Japan knows their lovely way of presenting food. Raw fish looks so appetizing and down right gorgeous presented against lovely cucumber and carrot forests. Or take the above example, of stuffed oysters with some kind of cheesy breadcrumb topping... yummy. This little cafe' was next to the sea wall. The waves were cresting and crashing against the wall in dramatic fashion showing off our Creator's immense power!

Three other lovely ladies and myself enjoyed Japanese pampering to the fullest at Cocok's Nail Cafe'. They do an "all out" pedicure complete with massage, and nail art with tiny little paint brushes. Amazing!
So many kinds of toes! Guess which ones are mine!!?

I leave for Indiana tomorrow afternoon. This trip has been extremely rewarding in so many different ways.
1. I have been able to experience different facets of Japanese culture including:
a. food and art (sashimi, tea, Soba noodle soup, Okinawan Sanshin, cute little pottery dishes, amazing service... etc etc. etc.
b. hospitality (the people here in Okinawa are very friendly and smile and nod/bow in greeting, and the service is always above and beyond).
c. Religion: Shinto is a religion of fear and endless hopelessness. Buddhism has a similar hold.
d. Believers here: Joyful and full of hope, very friendly. They absolutely love children.
e. Living in the city: everything here is very compact, brightly colored and green. they have a garden for every inch of dirt they posses in their tiny yards.
f. health: the sick and the old go about the city wearing a mask across their nose and mouth. It is a sight to see. I wonder if it really works? They even hand them out in airplanes along with an eye mask and slippers for comfort. It's great!
g. It is so beautiful here and such a treat to be among bogonvia, palm trees, and banana plants. It reminds me of the Philippines.
2. I have been able to help out my friends the Lees:
A. give them peace before returning to the U.S. by helping with the kids, washing dishes, making dinner, packing boxes, giving Becky and chance to shower... etc.
B. Being a friend and someone to talk to and bounce things off of.
3. Sharing my ministry with Yomitan International Church:
A. The pastor and his wife were very encouraging to me in these words: "We used to have a good int'l student ministry here, but it died off. We think God sent you here to stir some hearts to start one up again on the three main campuses here in Okinawa. If that was what I did by sharing, I will be thrilled beyond belief! It will be all worth it... every mile, every word, every bit of time on the airplane. In the end the pastor asked for my prayer card and information and gave me a book and gift.
B. I was encouraged by several members of the congregation including my interpreter, a native Okinawan. She told me she was an int'l student in Canada, learning English. Her host family were believers and they led her to the Lord! It was so exciting to here her first hand experience.

I praise the Lord for his perfect timing in bringing me here to help my friends before they leave. I praise him for allowing me to share His heart for the lost with the local church.
I praise him for the beauty that I was able to drink in... in January (i might add)
I praise him for my wonderful friends, Becky and David Lee.
I praise him for what he will do on His island of Okinawa. Let everything that has breath, praise the Lord.

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Jodi said...

I think we should incorporate bowing as a greeting/sign of respect here too.
Additionally- do you think you'll try to make some "authentic" Japanese foods?
So glad that God planned these experiences for you! Love you!