Thursday, January 7, 2010

Garlic, Animals and Pineapple Park good for the health.

If you can read along, you will notice some interesting phrases in these pictures. For some reason I get a kick out of poor English signs in other cultures. I appreciate them, and it wouldn't be a cultural experience w/o them.

I had the privilege in the past two days to experience Japanese culture at it's finest. Tonight we went to the Garlic House (Arin Krin). Notice the amazing pictures and phrases outside the building.
Last night we went to Den Den. I traditional Japanese restaurant complete with triangular unique dishes, beautiful Sashimi presentations, and low wooden tables with benches on either side. I should have brought my camera, but I forgot

The sign with the bird's behind it is just a sample of the fun times to be had at the NEO animal park. They had some pretty amazing birds including flamingos, pelicans, peacocks, and others I didn't recognize. I'm not sure what "it" is but it doesn't have a sure footing either way:)

The pineapple park was fun and tasty. I got to try multiple pineapple products including wine, juice, chocolate, cakes, cookies, the fruit itself, pickle, pie..etc. They also had a beautiful shell collection from beaches around the island. So many things about this place remind me of my childhood in the Philippines. I love the local tourist locations because they are not "Americanized" yet. Tomorrow promises more sight seeing and speaking with the pastor about my ministry and praying he will let me talk to the congregation. We'll see. Happy sweet day!


Jodi said...

wow....seems like some good engrish material there. HAH!
it looks like you are having such a blessed time, Lizzie!! thanks for the updates. Let us know how the talk with the pastor went.

cyprusjourney said...

Great update and photos, Bethany! I hope and pray that the rest of your time in Japan is blessed and that you return to the U.S. with even greater insights into the Lord's love for his people.

The package made it! Within one hour of receiving the package, we ate a box of Mac and Cheese and several marshmallows were consumed. We really appreciate your thoughtfulness and it was so nice to see some familiar things. It certainly brightened our day!